1. Q: What’s the discount code for first order?
Answer: Please type ‘OrderNow’ during the checkout.

2. Q: Can I order for tomorrow’s lunch?
Answer: Yes, you can pre-order for tomorrow’s lunch.

3. Q: I am having difficulties in choosing dates while checkout?
Answer: Please mention the expected delivery dates in notes section during checkout.

4. Q: Can I order for today’s lunch?
Answer: Yes, but the booking closes by 6.30 AM for current day lunch slot and 1.30pm for current day dinner slot. 

5. Q: Why only pre-order?
Answer: We strongly strive towards no-wastage of food. We take pre-orders so the food is cooked only for sufficient quantity which is ordered.

6. Q: When can I expect my delivery for lunch?
Answer: There are two slots available one for lunch i.e. 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM and another for dinner 5.30 to 7.30 PM. You can chose any one desired slot.

7. Q: How can I track my order?
Answer: Call our restaurant and we will update/confirm you the order status if you haven’t received any emails/sms. Contact # 6381-585754

8. Q: How far do you deliver from your store?
Answer: We deliver upto 40-45 kms from our restaurant. 

9. Q: What if I order order from location from a location more than 40 kms?
Answer: We will not be able to deliver but you can confirm with us by calling # 6381-585754

10. Q: How is the delivery charges calculated?
Answer:  We now calculate delivery charges irrespective of order value or distance. We provide delivery across Chennai (40-45 kms from store) for a minimal Rs 49/- only. (Minimum order value Rs 450)