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You can’t do well, think well, and sleep well, if you haven’t dined well!

Life Pillar Foods was conceptualized to cater food which focused on quality and taste and meet the expectations of a perceptive customer base that was on the outlook for top-notch and value-added food service needs. We cater to luncheons, trade shows, hospitals, corporate houses and events. With hard work, we have not only sustained the fierce competition, but also grown exponentially with a positive customer experience. We ensure continual improvement in our processes through the following work ethics and work protocols:

  • Partnering link with efficient suppliers which makes sure that only quality products reach the client
  • Up-to-date with technology and cuisines which betters the delivery process
  • Working in-tandem with the environment selecting the best ingredients
  • Imparting knowledge to empower the staff for better work efficiency
  • Providing bespoke solutions on customer demand
  • Maintaining regular stock of inventory, thereby, reducing the cost of processes and passing on this advantage to the customer in the form of reduced rates
  • Continuously improve our work culture so as to bring a positive outcome

We Are Defined By

  • Ethical Sourcing: We work closely with farmers to ensure them fare pricing and in return ensure fresh products, which are free from harmful chemicals and fertilizers.
  • From Farm to Forks : Most of our ingredients are sourced directly from the farms and we control a whole supply chain to deliver the food fresh on your plate.
  • Informed Nutritional Value : We understand with a team of dedicated Doctors, Dieticians and Nutritionists on board, who minutely control & ensure that your plate has the right amount of nutrition in right proportions.

We work on a strategic partnership providing food experience to Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial and Institutional organizations. We look forward to partner with you!

Food Services

We work on a strategic partnership providing food experience to Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial and Institutional organizations

Our Partners

Food is life…Life is all about having great food!

We have developed a deep understanding and expertise in nutritional resourcefulness, which has immensely benefitted the hospitals with whom we have partnered. Be it the corporate houses or the healthcare institutions, we have bespoke solutions ready for our clients. Working closely with our partners, we have developed menus and food items to support and advance customer brands.

Here have a look at our partner list and be convinced of our positive services: