Food Verticals

First you eat, and then you do anything else...

We have always stressed on giving the best and hence we are focused on getting the best from our suppliers. We cater to a growing bakery demand and supply superlative ingredients to them so that the final outcome is admirable. After all, we are paying attention to your health and well-being.

When in hospitals, quality catering service of the highest standard is the dominant objective. Our hospital kitchen strictly adheres to the hygiene compliance norms and we source fresh vegetables and ingredients as per the local availability. We develop efficiency through constant supervision so that the food is synchronized to the special dietary needs of individual patients.

Organizations and individuals seek a higher quality of life and are facing new pressures to have a balanced diet, and hence, we personalize menus, so that each and every need of the customer is met. Our work in that direction is the food bars that ensure nutritious and tasteful food is always available.

We make catering services available on-site to the conference premises and provide delicious meals throughout the day for any number of diners. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of healthier options and we care about your food and health. Outdoor or indoor, we let you focus on your conference while we take care of your food needs.

We offer specially designed catering services to conferences, meetings and events which demand for formal and disciplined environment. Our impeccable catering arrangement services have attention to the detail and client service has been our company’s successful policy. Whatever the size of the event or meeting we adapt services that perfectly fits the conditions of the project.

Special event catering is our forte. Be it a small or large event we apply the same high standards and attention to detail in all. In the search for better client service, we have pioneered special menus that look far more sophisticated and tempting. We continue to delight customers by providing catering services to special events at competitive rates.

We offer catering services to a wide range of customers, retail as well as bulk. We offer fresh and packaged food to multiple market destinations like grocery, food service and specialty markets. Our partners include a wide range of retail stores and companies nationwide and we ensure international level of food safety standards.

Our kitchen delivers food to home, which includes packaged meals, diet meals and Tiffin services. We ensure that we provide special tailor-made meal to the client’s premises in thermal packaging. We provide a wide range of options to our clients so that they rest assured that they have selected the best among the caterers.